10 Really Cool Things To Do When You’re Stuck Indoors

Inside the realm of Imaginacts Entertainment, we have found 10 really cool things to do when you’re stuck indoors.

We’ve spent a LOT of time indoors recently, haven’t we? It’s been very hard for all the grown-ups, but it’s been especially hard on all the kids! It’s tough finding new things to do every single day. But luckily, here at Imaginacts, we got pretty good at using our imaginations!

One of our best friends, the Tower Princess, was locked in a tower until she was 18 years old! And during that long, long time, she came up with a few ways of keeping busy. We asked for her help compiling a list of things you can do at home with your grown-up, and she gave us 10 whole amazing ideas! 

10 Really Cool Things To Do When You're Stuck Indoors
10 Really Cool Things To Do When You're Stuck Indoors | Imaginacts Entertainment


Baking is a great way to spend some time – and the added bonus is, you get to eat what you make! The Tower Princess suggested chocolate chip cookies, which sound absolutely SCRUMMY, but you can bake anything you like!

Our friends the Snow Sisters love everything chocolate, like these yummy cupcakes! Here at Imaginacts, we LOVE making gingerbread biscuits – not only are they delicious, but you can also cut them into all different shapes and sizes, and then decorate them once they’re cool!

  • Ask your grown-up to put 175g dark muscovado sugar, 85g golden syrup and 100g butter into a saucepan and bubble for 2mins!
  • Then let it cool. Put 350g plain flour, 1tsp bicarb, 1tbsp ground ginger and 1tsp of cinnamon into a big bowl.
  • Pour in the syrup mixture and 1 beaten egg, and get mixing! Knead everything together, and the dough will begin to firm up as it cools.
  • Wrap in cling film and chill for 30mins. Ask your grown-up to heat the oven to 200C/Gas6, and line 2 baking trays.
  • Roll out your dough until it’s as thick as a £1 coin, and cut out all of your favourite shapes! Make sure you use up all the dough and make as many yummy biscuits as you can.
  • When you’re done, bake them for 10-12mins. Let your gingerbread biscuits cool down – and then get decorating! Chocolate buttons, icing, gummy sweets, fruit – you name it! Put all your favourite flavours on your biscuits and enjoy!

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a really fun way of being creative! You can let your imagination run wild and create something amazing with a few simple bits and bobs! The Tower Princess told us that she LOVES arts and crafts and especially likes pottery and candle making, but most of all she LOVES painting. She painted all the walls in her tower!

Now we think it might make your grown-ups go a little bananas if you started painting on the walls, so here’s another fun craft you can do instead! Why don’t we try making greeting cards? Cards are a lovely way to celebrate. We send them on birthdays, special occasions, seasonal holidays… And sometimes we even send greeting cards just to say ‘good luck’ or ‘thank you’! 

Is there anyone you’d like to thank in your life? The Snow Sister and the Ice Queen send each other letters all the time!  Perhaps you’d like to write a card to one of your grown-ups to thank them for all they do for you, or you could write a card to one of your friends to let them know how much you appreciate them. 

All you need to do is fold a piece of paper in half, decorate the front and write your message inside. It’s so simple and the gift of a card could brighten up somebody’s day!


Nothing lifts the spirits like getting your heart pumping! Dancing is a great way to exercise, plus you get to listen to all your favourite music – and it’s a great thing to do with your friends.

The Tower Princess told us that she enjoys doing ballet. Ballet is a special kind of dancing that requires graceful movements and pointed toes! Another kind of dance is Hula, which our friend the Wayfinder Chief knows all about – she teaches the children how to dance back on her home island!

Before you start dancing, you’ll need to find some good music! What’s your favourite song? Luckily, all our friends love singing so we have lots of songs to choose from! 

Once you have some music playing, it’s time to do some moves. Here are our favourite dance moves:

  • Jump up and down 
  • Twirl like a princess 
  • Wave your arms in the air 
  • Stamp your feet 
  • Punch the air like a Superhero   
  • Take two steps forward 
  • Take two steps back again 
  • Jump to your left 
  • Jump to your right 
  • Put your hands on your hips 
  • Wiggle your bottom!

You could even plan a whole routine, practice it, and then show your grown-up when it’s ready!

10 Really Cool Things To Do When You're Stuck Indoors | Imaginacts Entertainment

Build A Fort

Our friends the Snow Sisters can tell you a thing or two about building snowmen, but here at Imaginacts, we like building things that don’t require permafrost!

We’re challenging YOU to build your very best fort! Building a fort is great fun, and you can use things that you can find around the house. But do remember to ask a grown-up’s permission before you start – and you have to promise that you’ll tidy up once you’re done! 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Lay down a blanket on the floor, with some soft pillows and toys, and using sofa cushions from the living room, make three walls and a roof – leaving one side open as a doorway.
  • If you have a big sofa with lots of cushions, you can make your fort even bigger – the key is to get creative and experiment!
  • Another easy way to make a fort is to pick three or four objects that are all of a similar height – like a side table, a dining chair, or even an upright vacuum cleaner.
  • Arrange these three things in a triangle or square, then take a big blanket or bed sheet and lie it over the top, making a tent!

Whatever shape your fort takes, the most important thing is that it feels safe and cosy. Ask your grown-up if they have any fairy lights or small lamps that can give out a nice, warm glow. Then get your favourite snacks, cuddle close, scooch in, and have a good old natter or even a nap!

Read A Book

Reading is an excellent way to get your imagination going, just ask The Enchanted Rose Princess! She has a whole library full of books, all ready to tell their marvellous stories about far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise… 

What’s your favourite book in the whole world? Perhaps reading it would be a fun thing to do in your new fort! And if you have a bit of difficulty with some of the words, maybe you can ask your grown-up to read to you. If your grown-up is busy, you can always try listening to audiobooks! Audiobooks are a great way of listening to stories. Just press play and enjoy, lie back and listen!

Here at Imaginacts, we enjoy stories about princes and princesses who show compassion, kindness and bravery! And we also love stories about superheroes who fight for justice. One of our favourites is the story of the Spider-Hero. 

His real name is Peter, but you mustn’t tell anybody! Peter got bitten by a radioactive spider and developed spider-like powers. Now he uses his powers for good, fighting crime and protecting the citizens of New York. Sometimes he has to fight bad guys, but he’s so brave that he always finds the strength to do the right thing!

What’s your favourite kind of story?

Games & Puzzles

Here at Imaginacts, we LOVE playing games! Puzzle games, card games and board games are always fun to play with friends and family. Rapunzel told us that one of her favourite board games is chess – have you ever played it? Ask your grown-up if they have any board games kept around the house! We like the ones where you move pieces around the board by rolling dice, but there are so many excellent board games to choose from! A great way to pass time with friends OR by yourself is by doing jigsaw puzzles!

Your grown-up may have a pack of cards – which opens up lots of possibilities! The Mermaid Princess loves playing ‘Go Fish’, which you can play with a standard 52 card pack. The aim of the game is to get the most ‘books’ of cards – this means having all four Kings, or all four Aces, or all four 6s. They rank from Ace (high) down to 2 (low). You start the game by dealing out the cards evenly to all players – seven cards each if there are 2 or 3 players, five cards each if you have 4 or more.

The remaining cards go into a pile in the middle – this is the pond that you go fishing in! Once all the players have their cards, the game begins. Each player in turn must ask another player for a card. Remember, you’re trying to collect books! If the player you ask has the card you ask for, they must give it to you. You can then ask another player for another card. Once you’ve collected a full book, you must place it in front of you.

If they don’t have the card you’re looking for, they will tell you to ‘Go Fish’, and you must pick up a card from the pile, then it’s the end of your turn. You keep going around the circle until everyone is out of cards and all the books have been made!

The Snow Sisters’ favourite game is Charades! They’re very good at it, but they say it’s not fair their snowman friend gets to rearrange himself!

Dressing Up

The Tower Princess tells us that one of the things she likes to do is make dresses for Pascal! She also says that every time she goes to a birthday party for a little prince or princess, a lot of the young guests dress just like her – or even like some of her friends!

The Spider-Hero says that the same thing happens when he goes to superhero parties – some of his new young friends dress up just like him or like some of his superhero friends. Here at Imaginacts, we like the sound of that!

Do you like dressing up as your favourite prince, princess or superhero? Do you have any of their costumes? It’s so much fun to play pretend, and pretending to be one of your favourite characters can be the most fun of all! If you don’t have a costume, you can always make one. Spider-Hero’s suit is red and blue – so blue jeans and a red T-shirt makes a great costume!

A long blue dress would look just like the Ice Queen’s – and if you don’t have a cape, try tying a bed sheet around your shoulders! Our friend, the Pumpkin King, loves spooky season and all things Halloween. But at Christmas time, he likes to dress up as none other than Santa Claus himself! He even likes to go out with the Halloween Ragdoll and deliver presents to children in December! 

Dressing up can be so much fun, and the only limit is your imagination!

Video Call Your Friends

The toughest thing about this whole pandemic has definitely been not being able to see our friends. Of course, we were all happy to stay at home, as it meant we were not spreading the bug and saving lives!

Thankfully, these days, there is lots of technology that helps us keep in touch with everyone even when we can’t go outside. Not only can we call our friends on the phone and text them, but we can also video call our favourite people and see their faces!

The Ice Queen, the Mermaid Princess and her Sailor Prince, The Spider-Hero and the Wayfinder Chief were able to keep in touch with their friends over video-call when they weren’t able to go out – and you can do the same! Which one of your friends do you miss? Who would you like to have a catch up with?

Hide & Seek

The Tower Princess says that her favourite thing to do in her tower was to play Hide and Seek with Pascal! Pascal was VERY good at it because he’s a chameleon. Chameleons can change their colour to blend in with their environment, making him very hard to find!

But… If you don’t have a pet chameleon to hand… you can ask your grown-up to play – or one of your siblings or friends! When Pascal has been SO good at hiding that the Tower Princess couldn’t find him… She plays with the Ruffian Prince instead!

Once, she hid her beautiful tiara in her tower – and he had to go find it! You can make Hide and Seek more interesting by hiding objects for your friends to find like a treasure hunt – and of course, you can hide yourself along the way! Let your seeker count to twenty and then ready or not, here they come!

Movie Night

Finally, at the end of a long day of baking, arts and crafts, games, puzzles, hide and seek, dressing up, reading, dancing, calling your friends AND building a fort, you might want to relax and wind down with a quiet evening. What better way to finish the day than with a movie night?

Get the popcorn on, grab your family and cuddle up in your newly built fort. It’s time for a trip to Hollywood! What’s your favourite movie? We LOVE watching our friends’ adventures, and making new friends as we do – our new friend the Dragon Warrior has recently been on a big adventure – have you seen it yet?

10 Really Cool Things To Do When You're Stuck Indoors | Imaginacts Entertainment
Rapunzel from Tangled

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