The Snow Sisters’ Guide To Origami

Hey everyone and welcome to the guide to origami! I’m the Snow Sister. Ever since my sister, the Ice Queen, moved to the Enchanted Forest, we haven’t had as many family charade nights as we used to!

Of course, I still have my fiancé, the Ice Harvester, plus his best reindeer friend and a warm, huggable snowman to keep me company – and my sister has her new spirit friends – but we do miss each other a whole lot!

Guide To Origami

Step 01

The Ice Queen here! My sister is right, we do miss each other awfully when we are apart. Luckily, we’ve found a way to keep in touch!  Our friend, the wind spirit, has kindly offered to help us send letters to each other! We fold up our letters into birds that fly in the wind.

Exactly! So today, we thought that we’d teach you how to make your letters into birds, just like us! Who will you write your letter to? Ooh! I’m gonna write mine to the trolls! I need their help convincing the Ice Harvester to take a shower…

Follow the guide below for your step by step instructions. And just remember, sometimes we get things wrong and that’s OK! Don’t be upset if you make a mistake. You can always try again. 

She’s right! Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of patience. When I first tried to make a paper bird, it came out all wrong! I had to ask my sister to help me. So if you’re struggling, ask a  grown-up to give you a hand!

Guide To Origami

Step 02

If you’ve had a few practices at making paper birds and you’re happy with them, why not try using different coloured paper? Then you can have a whole rainbow of beautiful paper birds to keep.

Ooh that’s a great idea! Here’s a square pattern that we like to use – ask your grown-up to print it and cut it out for you. Then you can write your letter on the other side!

Guide To Origami

Step 03

We hope you had fun making your paper birds?

Yes! And let us know how they turn out! Oooh, I have an idea… why don’t you take a photo of your best paper bird and send it to us?

That’s a great idea! I’d love to see all your beautiful creations.

Yay! Ask your grown-up to email your photos to: [email protected]

And we might even be able to feature some of your paper birds on our social media!

We look forward to seeing all your photos. Good luck! And remember, the most important thing, is that you have fun!

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