The Spider-Hero’s Guide to Dealing With Bullies

The Spider-Hero is here to talk to you about dealing with bullies. All superheroes have to deal with bad guys, so if you deal with bullying at school, this could give you some great advice!

Hey kids! It’s me, the Spider-Hero. And I want to talk to you about something very important today. You’ve definitely all heard of it – though I really hope it’s not something you’ve ever experienced! I want to talk to you today about bullying and how best to go about dealing with bullies.

Bullying is when somebody makes you feel bad. They can make you feel scared, hurt, embarrassed, upset, and maybe even lonely. A bully might say something mean about you, make fun of you, threaten you or leave you out. It’s totally not cool. But here’s the thing – it affects a LOT of kids, just like you!

I’ve dealt with bullies my whole life. At first it was this kid Flash at school, showing off about his Dad’s money and calling me names. But now – it’s bad guys! The super villains I fight are just like the bullies you might see at school. And the best way to beat a bad guy? Be a hero instead!

Today I’m gonna give you a few tips and tricks for dealing with bullies, once and for all. Remember these – because even if you’re not being bullied, you might end up being able to help someone else who is. Someone’s gotta look out for the little guy, right?

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Avoid Contact

Avoid contact. The best way to prevent an unwanted run-in with a bully is to avoid them entirely! If you happen to know what route they talk home, you could plan your route differently so that you never bump into them. If you always bump into them in the corridor before class, you could head to class with a group so you’re not on your own. If they don’t have the opportunity to bully you, they can’t.

Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself: stand up tall. It might sound ridiculous, but body language can be really useful here. By holding yourself taller and stronger, you use that brave body language to send the message “Don’t mess with me!”. In the same way, if a bully wants you to do something that you don’t want to do, don’t give in to them – just say NO. And keep saying NO as many times as you need to. When dealing with bullies, you’d be surprised how much bravery puts them off! Don’t let yourself believe the mean things the bully is saying to you. Bullying is never your fault.

Buddy Up

Buddy up. If your bully likes to pick on you during break times or lunch times, hang out with a friend during those times at school. If you’re on your own, you’re an easy target. But if you’re with another person or even a whole group, your bully will think twice about approaching you. This works another way too – if you notice a friend or a classmate getting picked on when they’re on their own, do what a hero would do and offer to hang out with them, so that their bully will also think twice.

Ignore The Bully

Ignore the bully. Bullies are usually looking for a reaction, and if they keep getting no reaction at all – they’ll lose interest. I know, it can be so incredibly hard to hear to mean words about you and not react, but here’s one of my top tips: Distract yourself! In your head, try counting to 10 in a different language. Or saying the alphabet backwards! Or even run through that times table you’ve been getting stuck on. Me personally, I like to try and invent the world’s grossest ice cream flavour (it’s pickles, fish and brussel sprouts. In case you were wondering) and while your mind is busy thinking of all these things, the bully has gotten bored and walked away.

Don’t Bully Back

Don’t bully back. It’s never OK to hurt someone. It can be super tough if someone hits you first, and all you want to do is teach them a lesson – but you have to be the good guy here. You have to be the bigger person and not fight back. Your words are waaayyy more powerful than your fists, so use those words to tell them to stop. And you must also use those words to…

Tell an Adult

Tell an adult. This is the golden, primary, super-duper number one rule of dealing with bullies! Always, ALWAYS tell a grown-up if you are being bullied, or if you know of a friend or classmate being bullied. A teacher, a parent, an uncle or aunt. Find a grown-up who will listen, somebody you can trust, and tell them. Speaking up about a bully is not “tattling on someone” – it’s being brave. It’s doing the right thing. It’s being a hero!

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With these superhero tricks up your sleeve, you’re bound to be more prepared the next time you face a bully! But there is something else you should know, and it’s very important to remember: bullies always have a reason for bullying. Sometimes they’re trying to make themselves feel more powerful and important, because deep down, they don’t feel very important or powerful at all. Some bullies are copying behaviour that they’ve seen – perhaps they’ve been bullied themselves, by an older kid, a sibling or even a parent. People who bully are often very unhappy people. And that’s kinda sad isn’t it? It doesn’t make what they’re doing OK, but it’s important to keep it in mind. Your bully might be feeling just as scared as you.

By telling an adult about a case of bullying, not only are you keeping yourself and your friends safe – but the bully is also getting the help they need, to adjust their behaviour and learn how to be a better person. And in the end, that’s what we’re striving for isn’t it? A world full of better people, where all the bad guys learn from their mistakes, and wind up being as good as the heroes. They just need a little more time and patience. That’s all from me kids, I hope this guide helps you deal with bullies even just a tiny bit – or gives you something to think about at least. Stay safe and stay super. See you soon!

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Written by Fiona Lynn