5 Ways We’re Helping to Fight Climate Change

Have you ever wondered how you can help fight climate change? Climate change is a problem that’s affecting each and every person on the planet. There are things we can all do to help – and we think we should all be doing our part! One of our company values at Imaginacts is striving to be as eco-friendly as we can. So here are 5 ways in which we’re doing our best to be environmentally conscious and reduce our carbon footprint!

Here at Imaginacts, it’s very important to us that we do everything we can to leave the world better place than we found it. One of the biggest problems the world is currently facing is climate change. And I think we can all agree, after the heat of the summer we just had, it’s not something that’s a theory anymore. It’s happening, and we want to do everything we can to help fix it. Our favourite rule is to follow the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Looking after our planet and our home must become an important part of our lives if we are all going to continue to live here. It can seem very overwhelming, trying to fix a problem as big as this – but if everybody did their part, no matter how small, it would all add up to be a BIG help. Here’s what we’re doing to make our parties as eco-friendly as we can – maybe it can inspire you to do it too!

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Reusable Wrapping Paper

We are very lucky at Imaginacts to have a director who is also a seamstress! If you’ve ever met any Imaginacts friends, you’re likely to have seen some of her beautiful creations in person. Often when making clothing, you’ll find yourself with leftover fabric – and we thought, what better way to help fight climate change than to reuse and recycle fabric scraps, ultimately reducing plastic wrapping paper waster? The three Rs are a great rule to help be eco-friendly!

Wrapping paper, unlike the paper we use in our crafts and colouring, often has a lot of plastic in it that can’t be recycled. Instead, every piece of fabric and every ribbon we use to wrap our parcels gets washed and reused for other parties – saving the planet (and money) in the process!

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Vegan Sweets and Treats

It’s no secret that one of the biggest contributors to the climate crisis is the meat and dairy industry. The natural gases that cows create fill so much of the atmosphere – it’s heating us up! One of the best things anyone can do to help fight climate change is to change their diet to reduce meat/animal intake. Just think – if everyone on the planet ate a vegan diet just one day per week, that’s equivalent to one in seven people going fully vegan! That would make a huge difference.

This is why all the sweets we bring to our parties are vegan! Love-hearts are our favourites, and if you’ve ever been to an Imaginacts party you may be familiar with our regular pass the parcel sweets of choice! We often bring skittles as a backup in case we have any fussy eaters, but jelly beans and certain gummy sweets are also on our list of favourites. It’s also so important to us that we have treats that cater to everybody, regardless of their religious views (which can affect dietary choices) – so vegan sweets are the way to go!

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Recyclable Paper Activities

In many of our party packages we include colouring and a fun craft activity. These activities are always made up of paper crafts – and the best thing about paper is that it’s recyclable! All our paper craft activities are character appropriate – so with the Tower Princess you could be making paper lanterns, with the Bat Hero you could be making super hero outfits and with the Snow Sisters you can even build a snowman!

We cut out all of the craft components in advance – so for example, to make a superhero craft we cut out a superhero stencil, we cut out capes, trousers, skirts, shirts, boots, masks, emblems and decorative stars and flashes – all out of multicoloured paper. We then provide environmentally friendly (and little one safe!) gluesticks for children to create and decorate their very own superhero. All can be recycled at home!

We also recycle the offcuts from our crafts, and are currently planning ways to reuse them ourselves – by making paper-mache out of the scraps and making seed bombs! We found a great tutorial here. Maybe you can try it at home too!

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High Quality Gifts

It’s estimated that in the UK, five million tonnes of single-use plastic is used every year. That’s a lot of plastic! We know that sometimes at parties, you can receive a lot of small plastic toys in things like party bags. Often these break easily and are thrown away, or even just go straight in the bin. That’s an awful lot of plastic going to waste.

What we like to do to combat this issue, is to spend a little more money on high quality gifts to give at our parties. At the end of our superhero parties, a gold Medal of Valour is presented to the birthday child, and at our princess parties – a silver tiara fit for royalty. Both are made of high quality metal – which means that they can last a long time and can be kept and worn again as much as you like. In our opinion they also look the bees knees, and we love seeing birthday children’s faces as they’re presented with these special gifts!

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Teaching Others

One of the biggest ways we can help fight climate change is with education! We are dedicated to shaping little minds for the better, so we try our best to pass on our knowledge about looking after the planet. Thankfully, some of our friends have some great ideas too!

Krypton Man knows a thing or two about saving the world, having done it once or twice! From reducing carbon emissions by walking and cycling to helping the community by picking up litter, he shared some of his top tips for chipping in, even just a little, to help save the planet. Read all about it in his blog post: 5 Ways You Can Help Save The World ?

The Wayfinder Chief and The Mermaid Princess teamed up to tell us all about their friend and home, the ocean. Did you know, there are creatures and plants in the ocean that provide the world with 50-80% of the oxygen we survive on? Unfortunately, lots of plastic and other rubbish ends up in the sea and affects the ecosystem there. Thankfully there are lots of great places running conservation efforts, so go and have a read of their blog post: Looking After The Ocean ?

The Fairest Princess recently shared some fun facts about her forest friends. She shared some very useful tips on how to interact with them if you meet them, and ways we can all help to protect their home. Deforestation, pollution and climate change are affecting the forests where her friends live, so she talks all about some wonderful conservation efforts you can help! Check it out in her blog: Forest Friends ?️

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We hope we’ve given you some inspiration and a few ideas of ways you can also help us to fight climate change! Remember to implement the three Rs into your daily life as much as you can, try to reduce your meat consumption, consider walking or cycling on short journeys rather than using the car and of course – spread the word so that others can learn to be as eco-friendly as you!

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Written by Fiona Lynn