6 Perfect Princess Holiday Destinations

Are you looking to jet off abroad this year, but haven’t quite figured out where you’d like to go? Don’t worry friends, we got you. We’ve picked out 6 Perfect Princess Holiday Destinations, for your delectation and delight. In fact, we asked some of our resident princesses to tell us all about their hometowns, and why we should plan a visit…

Princess Holiday

The Snow Sisters

Hi little snowflakes, I’m the Snow Sister! Me and my sister, the Ice Queen, live in a beautiful kingdom on a fjord. Do you know where the fjords are? Why, they’re in Norway of course! Have you heard of it?

Norway is a wonderful place to visit. The fjords provide such a breathtakingly beautiful landscape, snow-topped mountains that stretch beyond as far as the eye can see. And don’t forget, look real close and you might see… TROLLS! Some say they’re simply folklore of the land, but I can tell you for a fact, they’re real alright. Just ask my fiancé. He was raised by them.

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The capital of Norway is Oslo. But one of our favourite places to visit is Flåm – check out the waterfalls! In this picturesque country, it’s often pretty cold. It doesn’t bother my sister – but I get a little chilly! So hats, coats and the boots for this one, ya? And at night time – look up. You may see the Aurora Borealis itself, the northern lights! I know, I’m pretty convincing. So we’ll see you there!

The Madrigal Miracle

Hey there, miracle makers! I’m the Madrigal Miracle. I’m from a magical casita in a beautiful country called Colombia! Have you heard of it? It’s a Latin American country in the continent South America. It’s sunny and warm here, you should totally drop by and say hi! We’ll definitely welcome you into the family!

Our people are known for our passion and our ability to throw great parties. That’s right guys, you heard me! Colombia is also well known for our colourful houses and clothes, and for growing amazing coffee. But remember – coffee’s for grown-ups! We also have some beautiful natural landmarks. Make sure to check out Guatape Rock!

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One of my favourite places to be… Other than in my casita with my family, of course… Is la Caño Cristales. It’s a beautiful river, known as the rainbow river – you might remember it from my story! Anyway. If you’re looking for an amazing place to visit – check us out!

The Mermaid Princess

Hi starfish! I’m the Mermaid Princess. Now of course, I was born under the sea in my father’s mermaid kingdom – but that part of the ocean lies in a country called Denmark. My story was a fairytale written by one of my county’s greatest authors, Hans Cristian Andersen!

Denmark, and its capital Copenhagen, is a Scandinavian country in Europe that shares a border with Germany. Denmark is a remarkable place, famous for many things – but one of my favourite things about it is how happy everybody here is! The shared sense of community makes it a perfect, family friendly place to visit…

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Make sure that if you come to Denmark, you take in one particular landmark – a very special statue in Copenhagen. Can you guess what it is? It’s called The Little Mermaid! You don’t get too far flipping your fins, but visiting this beautiful place I call home is certainly worth the swim!

The Enchanted Rose Princess

Why, hello little teacups. My name is the Enchanted Rose Princess. I’m from a small provincial town in a beautiful country called France. Your neighbours! You can travel there by boat, by plane, or even by train on the famous Eurostar.

There are many incredible places to visit in France – you can go all the way south and find the sun in Nice, go north east and find the snow for skiing in Strasbourg – or you can go central to the capital, Paris, a romantic city full of culture and things to see!

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Make sure you visit the famous Eiffel Tower, take in some beautiful art at Le Louvre, and head to the outskirts of the city to explore the magnificent palace of Versailles. If you do decide to visit France, I can certainly help you brush up on your french language skills!

The Magic Carpet Princess

Hi genies! I’m the Magic Carpet Princess. My homeland is a mysterious kingdom in the Arabian Desert. The palace I grew up in with my father the Sultan, shares its beautiful architecture with one other place you may have heard of – India!

India is well known for its delicious spices and chai (tea!). And there is a particular flower that it’s famous for, too – one that also flavours delicious foods – grown in a city called Madurai in Tamil Nadu. Can you guess what it’s called? Jasmine!

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You may not be able to fly here a magic carpet, as I think I may have the only one! But you can certainly take a plane to explore a new land, rich in culture and history, full of exotic flavours to discover in its food and hospitality from its people.

The Evening Star Princess

Hey there, sugar. I’m the Evening Star Princess. My hometown is a city called New Orleans, in the state of Louisiana – down south in the United States of America. NOLA (that’s our nickname for our home!) is a culturally rich place, full of amazing people, food and music.

Are you a fan of Jazz music? You’ll be delighted to learn that it was born right here, in my hometown! Jazz music has a rich history, stemming from African influences like African drumming and of course, the blues. And as for food, Gumbo. Beignets. Jambalaya. Need I say more? I can already smell it…

The natural landscape here is very different to what you’re used to I’m sure! We live in the Bayou. Wetlands on the river, where nature runs free and the flora runs GREEN!

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One of the things we are best known for in New Orleans, is a very famous festival that takes place every spring. You may remember it from my story! It’s called Mardi Gras. Learn all about it here! And make sure to wear green, gold, and purple, bring your beads and feathers and enjoy the festivities!

We hope our princess friends have given you some valuable insight into the possibility of visiting their homelands. If you can’t decide who you’d like to visit the most, there is always the option of visiting a very magical place (some say the most magical place in the world) called Disneyland! Our princesses often go on holiday together here – so maybe you might see them! And if you happen to be staying local this summer, that’s perfect – you can always invite them to come and visit you…

Princess Holiday

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Written by Fiona Lynn