How far in advance do I need to book?
We typically recommend booking around three months in advance to minimise the chances of your date being unavailable, but you can book as far in advance as you like! We do require a £25 deposit (subject to booking type) to secure your chosen date and time, but the final balance isn’t due until the week before your booking. We are able to consider short notice booking requests however a small booking fee of £25 will apply to bookings made with less than two weeks’ notice.
How many children can I invite?
It’s really important to us that we stay true to our mission to provide authentic character experiences to make little dreams come true. In order to provide the best possible service for you, we do have limits on guest numbers for all our services. Please see our Parties page for more information on guest limits. If you’d like to increase the guest limit, we can accommodate this for an extra fee.
How do I pay for the party?
Once you’ve submitted your booking request and we’ve confirmed availability, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to make payment. Payments can be made using our online payment system or alternatively via bank transfer. A £25 deposit (subject to booking type) is required to secure your booking, but you can choose to pay the full balance up front if you prefer. We can hold your chosen date and time for up to seven days from the date of our confirmation email to you before receiving a deposit. Final balance payments are due seven days before the date of your booking.
What areas do you cover?
We’re based in Bishopstoke, Eastleigh and travel to venues within a 15-mile radius of our base is included in the booking price. We are always happy to travel further afield however a travel fee of 45 pence per mile will apply. This will be calculated by us upon receipt of your booking request. If you’d like to find out how much a travel fee would be in advance of submitting a request, please send us an email with the venue postcode!
Should I book a hall for my party?
Our performers are experienced at leading parties in a range of venues – from halls to function rooms, to gardens and even living rooms! The location of your party is entirely down to you; however, we recommend having enough space for all your guests to move freely and dance.
What does the party attendant do?
All our party packages of one hour and longer include an assistant. They are there to manage the equipment, set up party games and activities, and help with the general running of the party. They’ll help make sure everyone is up and involved in the party and encourage shyer children to come and join in the fun while the character continues to lead the rest of the group so there is never a gap in the entertainment.
What does ‘BIPOC inclusive’ mean?
BIPOC is an acronym that stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour. We believe that every child deserves to see themselves represented in their favourite storybook characters, heroes, and fantasy characters to help inspire them to grow and dream to their fullest potential. If a character is listed with ‘BIPOC inclusive option available’, it means that you can choose to have that character played by one of our BIPOC performers upon booking.
Are princess parties suitable for boys, and are superhero parties suitable for girls?
Absolutely! Here at Imaginacts, we strongly believe that gender should not play any part in what a child enjoys, however, we do recognise that some themes might not be everybody’s favourite. Our performers are trained to make all games and activities as inclusive as possible for every child, regardless of their interests.

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Do I need to provide anything?
Your chosen character will arrive with everything they need for the duration of your booking with us, including a speaker, music, and any equipment needed to run the party games and activities. If you are looking for decorations, balloons, party bags/favours, face painting, or a cake maker, please contact us for our recommended partners.
What time will you arrive?
Your chosen character and assistant (if applicable) will arrive at your event five minutes before your booking start time to set up any equipment and greet all your guests.
Do you entertain the parents?
We do require at least one parent/guardian to be present for the duration of your booking with us. The entertainment we lead is tailored for children, but we always love when parents/guardians get involved too!
What party games do you host?
Depending on your chosen package and character, we offer singing, dancing, arts and crafts, story times and other party games and activities that are age-appropriate and themed to your chosen character.
What arts and crafts activities do you do?
All arts and craft activities are themed to your chosen character and always age appropriate. We provide pre-cut items to stick onto a base, for example scarves, hats and more to build a snowman at parties with our Snow Sisters! We always provide a mat to protect the floor.
Do you provide any sweets? What do I do if we have dietary requirements?
Sweets are included in pass the parcel, which is provided at our 90 minute and two-hour party packages. All sweets we provide are vegan and other dietary requirements can be catered for with advanced notice – just let us know on the booking form!
When should I serve the party food?
If you have booked our two-hour party package, your character assistant will let you know about 10 minutes before the break for food. We recommend serving food after our entertainment segment ends at our one hour and 90-minute packages as your chosen character can assist in getting everybody seated ready for their party food right before they leave.
Can you present the birthday cake?
All our party packages include time to sing happy birthday which is the perfect time to present the birthday cake. This is usually towards the end of the booking – if a character assistant is included with your chosen package, they will let you know when to start prepping the cake! We recommend you carry the birthday cake out but your chosen character will lead your guests in singing Happy Birthday.