Danielle has had a deep love for performing ever since her first performance at the age of 4, where the excitement overruled her professionalism as she ignored the choreography and waved to her family in the front row. From that point on she has taken part in many shows around the area in a variety of wonderful roles - including Sister Mary Roberts in ‘Sister Act, Harriet Smith in ‘Emma’ and most recently Janet Van de Graff in ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’. Dani studied Musical Theatre at South Downs College which led her to follow her dreams of performing at The Guildford School of Acting on a foundation course. She hopes to continue at drama school and one day make her dreams come true! Dani is very excited to be part of Imaginacts and can’t wait to share the magical moments that are brought to life with the team.

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starFUN Q&A'Sstar

Who is your favourite Disney character?
It has to be Ariel. Ever since I was little I have loved how adventurous and sweet she is and how she does anything and everything to make sure that her dreams come true.
Who is your favourite super villain?
Gothel. Mother really does know best sometimes.
If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?
Invisibility, there are far too many times I embarrass myself in public.
What’s your favourite snack & why?
Macaroons, they're delicious and so cute, kinda fancy too.