Emily is mad about theatre, but not just performing - For her day job Emily is the Venue Manager of a theatre in Guildford, a job she absolutely loves, alongside being a wedding photographer, a job she also really loves. When Emily is not in a theatre or behind a camera, she can usually be found in 37 degree heat doing yoga.

As much as she loves managing theatre, Emily will never say no to a bright spotlight, and so dashed into costume whenever the need arises. Emily is a great friend of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, but loves hanging out with Anna and Elsa too!

Emily About Pics
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starFUN Q&A'Sstar

Who is your favourite Disney character?
Lumiere because he is obviously the best!
Who is your favourite super villain?
Gotta be Hades from Hercules, that guy is so funny.
If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?
The ability to teleport so I could save on travel haha!
What’s your favourite snack & why?
Absolutely anything covered in cheese.