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Fi has been performing since she was a child, training as a singer and musician from the age of six. She started ballet classes and acting in school plays, winning several awards at drama and music festivals.

As a young teenager, Fi attended Guildford School of Acting to continue her studies in dance, acting and singing. Throughout her teenage years, she studied many forms of dance and drama and had several professional acting jobs before attending university to study performing arts full time.

Since graduating, Fi continues to perform professionally as well as getting involved with several local musical theatre groups. Her previous roles include Tracy in Hairspray, Stella Deems in Follies, Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Sasha Larkin in Soho Cinders. She has also enjoyed ensemble roles in Sweet Charity, Grease and Chicago.

Fi was lucky enough during a brief interlude between lockdowns to go on tour with Peter Pan the panto, playing Wendy. She also regularly participates in concert shows. Over Christmas 2021, she took her character expertise all the way to the North Pole (the one at 4 Kingdoms in Newbury!) to bring some festive cheer to the locals. Fi is excited to be so involved with Imaginacts, and is looking forward to continuing to bring children the magic of their favourite characters!

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starFUN Q&A'Sstar

Who is your favourite Disney character?
Can’t decide! I had a few growing up - Anastasia, Mulan and Meg. Meg for her sass, Mulan for kicking butt, Anastasia for both. Now I’m a bit older, Rapunzel and Anna have definitely joined the crew - I adore their energy and endless positivity in the face of adversity!
Who is your favourite super villain?
Yzma. Yzma is goals. Rocking the spaghetti straps at her age without a care in the world, evil scheming at every opportunity, a secret lab and a sexy sidekick - also she turns into a cat. There’s nothing NOT to love.
If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?
Transformation - turn into anything or anyone. It basically gives you all other powers. You want to fly? Turn yourself into a bird. You want to be invisible? Turn yourself into a flea. You want to simply walk into Mordor? Turn yourself into Sauron. The world is your oyster!
What’s your favourite snack & why?
I go through phases, but at the moment it’s Tony’s salted caramel chocolate and pesto pasta. Not at the same time. Although…