Co-Director & Performer


Kate started performing at the age of three when she began ballet classes where she discovered that she adored performing in shows and so joined her school band and choir. She was fortunate enough to play and sing at the Royal Albert Hall at the age of just 12.

Shortly after this, she joined her local amateur dramatics group and landed the role of Princess Aurora in their production of 'The Sleeping Beauty’. Since then, she has performed in a mix of pantomimes, musicals and plays with various local groups.

Kate decided to audition for Disneyland and was successful in becoming a Character and Parade Performer which she did for just over a year. During this time, she did meet and greets, danced on the parades and she was also part of the opening cast of the Frozen Singalong Show. Since returning, she has worked extensively with children as an entertainer, choir leader and musical theatre teacher.

Kate adores working with children and feels so privileged to share special, magical moments with them where they’re free to let their imaginations run wild and dream big.

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starFUN Q&A'Sstar

Who is your favourite Disney character?
No surprises here, but Elsa from Frozen! I adore watching her journey from feeling isolated and anxious, to happy and free - finally learning to accept the love of her family and friends.
Who is your favourite super villain?
Mother Gothel from Tangled – she has one of the best villain songs! I also think it’s just so evil and clever that she only ever pays attention to Rapunzel’s hair when expressing any love or affection.
If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?
The ability to change my appearance at will – my goodness would it save a LOT of time in my profession!
What’s your favourite snack & why?
I’m a bit of a crisp fiend – they’re my ultimate comfort food! Salt and vinegar flavour is the best, of course, although I am particularly partial to flamin’ hot Wotsits too!