Paige’s passion for performing began at age three when she started ballet, tap and modern dance classes. She performed every year at local theatres in dance shows. Paige has had dance training in many areas; ballroom, Latin, cheerleading, rock and roll, commercial, contemporary and lyrical to name a few.

From the age of seven, she began competing in dance competitions across the UK. She was the under 18’s south coast street dance champion and has performed on stages such as Her Majesty’s Theatre and The Royal Albert Hall. Paige is now a dance teacher and recently launched her own dance company where she teaches classes such as modern, contemporary and musical theatre where she teaches children all about her second favourite type of performance - singing!

She has started choreographing for local theatre groups and when she isn’t teaching for her dance school, she is a youth worker based in local hospitals and the wider community. Paige adores working with children and young people in the community and the dance studio but has found a real love for bringing magic into their lives as a character and helping to create special memories.

Paige | Performer | Imaginacts Entertainment
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Paige | Performer | Imaginacts Entertainment
Paige | Performer | Imaginacts Entertainment
Paige | Performer | Imaginacts Entertainment
Paige | Performer | Imaginacts Entertainment
Paige | Performer | Imaginacts Entertainment
Paige | Performer | Imaginacts Entertainment

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Who is your favourite Disney character?
My favourite Disney character is Princess Tiana, I’ve always called her my Disney doppelgänger and I feel that she is so inspiring and beautiful. Dreams cannot be achieved simply by wishing on a star, they take a great deal of hard work, passion and fight to never be told that your dreams aren’t achievable. She inspired me and was the first Disney Princess to look like me!
Who is your favourite super villain?
Maleficent. She has all the makings of a powerful, strong, super evil villain and as a child I always found her super scary but, I also felt a lot of compassion towards her. I wanted to know why she was so mean and what had shaped this hard, cold exterior and then the live-action film came out and I completely fell in love with her. I knew there was a reason I wanted to give her a hug and ask her what had found her in this place.
If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?
One superpower would be the ability to take away someone’s pain. Whether it be physical or emotional. Just to give a brief moment of relief or happiness… I always want to help people and if I had a superpower, I would love it to reflect on just that.
What’s your favourite snack & why?
My favourite snack is popcorn… my current favourite flavour is vanilla and coconut. But any popcorn is THE BEST. It’s there for all times of the day and is the perfect thing for an evening of Disney films!