Suzanna has always enjoyed performing, early Christmas productions in her Nan's sitting room (with the rest of her sisters) spring to mind. She joined her local drama group as one of the twins in a production of ‘Darling Buds of May’ and has never looked back. Skipping ahead a few years she completed a degree of Drama, Performance and Theatre Arts at Staffordshire university and promptly moved to Southampton on completion. Since moving to Southampton, Suzanna has had the privilege with working with many of the local performance groups. Some credits are Beth in ‘Little Women’, Fanny Godwin in ‘Mary Shelley’, Sian in ‘Revlon girl’ and Cecily in ‘An Importance of being Earnest’ as well as several concerts, charity events and few trips to the Edinburgh Fringe festival.

On top of performing, she also taught drama, singing and dancing with LIPA 4:19, Youth Triple Threat theatre and most recently Gantry youth theatre. Suzanna really enjoys working with children and especially the end of each of the terms where they can present what they have been working on to their parents. It brings a tremendous amount of pride and accomplishment.
Suzanna loves all things to do with performing and enjoys being apart of such a strong and talented team. There is something magical about making children’s dreams come true and Imaginacts captures that perfectly in everything that they do.

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starFUN Q&A'Sstar

Who is your favourite Disney character?
My favourite Disney Character is Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. She is the epitome of princess, to me, with her graceful dancing, long blonde hair, and beautiful singing voice – I want to be her… I also would love to sleep for 100 years. Although I would still complain I had not had enough sleep.
Who is your favourite super villain?
Ursula is my favourite super villain; she is such a presence on the screen and who doesn’t want to belt out ‘poor unfortunate souls’ when they are in the shower?
If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?
I would love to be super stretchy (like Elastigirl), I could get so much housework done and not even move from my chair.  
What’s your favourite snack & why?
I am partial to some salt and vinegar crisps. They are my go to snack for all occasions.