5 Superhero Party Gadgets

The Bat Hero knows his stuff when it comes to gadgets. And all the cool bells and whistles on his utility belt don’t just aid his crime fighting work! He also has a wealth of knowledge on superhero parties – and all the gadgets you could possibly need to go with it. Here are 5 superhero party gadgets that he couldn’t party without!

Hey there little sidekicks! I’m the Bat Hero. I don’t suppose you’ve noticed my awesome utility belt? Who am I kidding, of course you’ve noticed. My outfit is the coolest and the utility belt is the centrepiece. Here is where I keep my bat boomerangs, my bat grappling hook and rope, enemy trackers and smoke pellets – amongst other things. You know what they help me do? That’s right. They help me kick bad guys’ butts. Like a boss.

Needless to say, I know a thing or two about cool gadgets. And in my other job – which is partying super hard (thanks for the invite, btw) – I have some even cooler gadgets that can bring a little more AWESOME to any superhero party.

Now. I’m very good at keeping secrets. That’s why you’ll never learn that my real name is Bruce I mean my real GAME is duck duck GOOSE. Yep. You heard. One super awesome secret keeper here. But you, you’re special. So I’m gonna share a secret with you. My top 5 Superhero Party Gadgets that make any superhero party ROCK.

5 Superhero Party Gadgets

Superhero Outfits

We’re gonna start BIG. With the ultimate gadget, of course, being my awesome utility belt. Now obviously it’s far too dangerous for civilians to handle… Plus it completes my superhero “look” so I can’t exactly attend a superhero party without it. But if you had your own superhero outfit which came with its own gadgets… Well I guess that would do just fine!

Typical superhero outfits are a full body suit, something you can move well in (for backflips, you know) and something that is made of a strong super material, to protect you like armour from stuff like bullets and other bad guy weapons.

Typical gadgets for these outfits can include:

  • An awesome cape. Mine doubles as bat wings to fly me across the city!
  • A cool superhero symbol on your chest. Krypton Man‘s means “hope”.
  • A mask or helmet to protect your secret identity – like the Spider-Hero.
  • A utility belt (like mine but obviously less awesome because mine is the best).
  • A shield. I’m looking at you, American Captain.
  • A sword or sabre – the Star Walker Hero has one made of light!
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So make sure, when you’re choosing your superhero outfit, that it comes with some cool gadgets like mine. And if it doesn’t – you could try making your own! I found this awesome make your own mask kit. Gotta protect that secret identity, little sidekick. Stay safe!

Superhero Decorations

Obviously you know that to set some atmosphere at a party, the place has gotta look the part. Backdrops, balloons, table settings, all very awesome and very important. You know who puts together some great party decor? Check out our cool friends at Go Extra Events!

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Images courtesy of Go Extra Events

These photos sell themselves, really. Photo opportunities on every wall? Can’t beat that. Balloon arches? Phenomenal. Cake stand complete with cake? Incredible. Table displays with cool plates and cups and napkins and superhero cutouts hanging out with you while you eat? Perfection. And speaking of eating…

Superhero Snacks

Obviously the ultimate party snack is of course, the CAKE. But you know what you need to complete said cake? Superhero cake gadgets. That’s right. Like this cool cake topper. And these awesome cake candles. How about some other superhero snacks? Make some incredible biscuits with these nifty gadgets – superhero cookie cutters. Pick up delicious party finger food with these superhero food picks.

There really is no limit when it comes to food gadgets! Just remember, food is energy – and you need energy to fight crime. So you must eat as MUCH party food as you possibly can. That’s science so you can’t argue with me.

Superhero Games

There are thousands of great superhero party games out there. But some of my favourites do, of course, include some cool gadgets. Have you ever heard of a… piñata? Here’s a very cool one of yours truly! And to take down this almighty hero (me) you can try these bats. Not enough gadgets for you? Buckle in.

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Here’s a game that will also get you training up your superhero skills: the bean bag toss. One cool backdrop like this one, a handful of bean bags for throwing, and away you go. How many points can you score in 3 minutes? How many in 1? Oooh you could also make a mark on the floor where you throw from and if it gets too easy – move it further away!

“Pin the tail on the donkey”? Pffft. Try “stick the symbol on the superhero”! One cool poster of my boy Spidey, some awesome spider stickers and a blindfold can keep your guests entertained for HOURS. Here, look at this one! You can also stick on Spidey’s face, too!

Superhero Party Bags

Now here really is the perfect time to flex those gadget muscles. Here’s a list of things you might typically find in a superhero party bag:

  • Slice of birthday cake
  • Toys
  • Notebook
  • Pencils
  • Stickers
  • Keyring
  • Superhero Mask
  • Sweets
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Small toys are a really excellent party bag addition – so some little action figures would be perfect gadgets to give out! Superhero badges are also great gadgets for decorating your superhero costume – and superhero stickers! A small bubble wand is an excellent gadget for generating hours of fun, while superhero slap bands make a great gadget to accessorise with.

If you’re torn for ideas, here’s an excellent ready-made collection of party bag gadgets!

So basically – I’m super awesome and my gadgets are always the coolest. So you should really listen to me. Want an awesome superhero party? Step one. Read this blog and absorb all my excellent ideas. Step two. Invite me. Because I love to party and I’m real good at it.


Written by Fiona Lynn